A true variety show in the best "pommy" tradition
Now in it's 12th year and still the most popular show available
Hilarious Comedy         Unbelievable magic
Astounding Variety     Great Music
Bobby Gee Chairman
Bobby Gee Chairman
Colin Parris Impersonator
Colin Parris Impersonator
Brent McCleod Magician
Brent McCleod Magician
Jessie Bradshaw Singer
Jessie Bradshaw Singer
Based on the popular TV show, this show features top local and international acts. The show is "chaired" by our cloth capped bell ringing charman, who calls for order 'round the room and harranges the audience with comic announcements and stories. Many acts are featured on the bill, and the result is a very spectacular, entertaining, and funny variety show.
A typical show runs for about two and a half hours, and would include a comedian/chairman, comic magic, serious magic, a top variety act, a male vocalist / entertainer, and a glamour female singer.
This show is suited to chartered clubs and corporate events in which the delegates are trades related. ie Master builders etc.
The actual line up will depend on the expected audience and may or may not include the acts above. However you can be sure that we will choose acts that will be exactly right for the audience.
..."if you see just one show this year, don't miss this show. They had the audience in fits of laughter, stomping their feet and yelling for more...." NZ Herald review.

This show features top British comedian Bobby Gee as the cloth capped bell ringing chairman. His unique North England style of humour was featured on the original touring Wheeltappers Show. Bob will keep the audience under control and throw in a few hilarious surprises along the way.

Put together by President of the Variety Artists Club of NZ, award winning entertainer, musician, comedian, Jim Joll, and a talented troupe of variety entertainers, this new show will keep the audience enthralled and in fits of laughter from start to finish.

A full evening's entertainment, this show has something for everybody. Magic to enthrall, variety to astound, music to get your feet tapping and comedy to keep you rolling in the aisles! Perfect entertainment for your club.

The full show is presented in two or three segments with an intermission between each segment and includes glamour singer, comedy and variety acts and a rollicking audience participation act to close the show. During this segment the audience can also dance if they wish.

As with all of our shows, The Wheeltappers and Shunters Show comes complete with curtains and spectacular lights and sound to transform any venue into a fabulous live theatre.

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